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Alex Duncan
Shell Tankers, Diloma was built at Cammel, Laird & Co, Birkenhead in 1939. She was fitted with an 8 cylinder oil engine by Hawthorn, Leslie & Co Ltd, Newcastle. She followed a standard pattern of tankers built at the time known as the "Three Twelves", 12,000dwt, 12kts on 12 tons of bunker fuel per day. She was 465 ft long with a beam of 59ft.

February 1942 she was damaged in a collision with Empire Mist in the River Mersey, at the time she was loaded with spirit.

On 24the February 1942 she was torpedoed by U-158 in convoy ONS 67, but made port.

March 1947, she struck Hendon Rock off Sunderland w.o.p to Tyne with benzine, refloated and beached in the Humber.

November 1950 again saw the ship aground 60 miles from Congo w.o.p Curacao to Ango, refloated.

Finally scrapped in Bruges 1961.

Fortunately my Dad wasn`t involved in any of the incidents above. However he did have a couple of ghostly experiences whilst sailing on this ship. The first one was while he was on the monkey island, it was a dark night and he was crouching down, when he tried to stand up he felt a hand on his shoulder holding him down. Naturally his reaction was to tell who ever it was to stop, but when he finally stood up and looked round there was no one there.

The second occasion was when he was about to go on watch, walking up the ladder leading to the bridge wing he saw an officer at the top. The unusual thing about this man was that he was wearing a uniform dating back to WW11, complete with black hat!

He sailed on this ship for four months between 22.2.1958 and 11.6.1958.

m.s Diloma, Courtesy VHYoung & LASawyer
Courtesy of the John & Marion Clarkson Collection.
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