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A Collection of Photographs

From Barry Antrichan

I have been extremely lucky whilst I have been putting this website together with the generosity of people sending me the photographs they took whilst sailing on the Bowater Steamship Company vessels. Barry Antrichan is one such person, he was an enginneer with Bowaters and these are the pictures he has sent me.
Barry Antrichan 5th Engineer Oct, 1960.
Nicolas Bowater at Corner Brook 1960.
Dave Hambley 2nd Elec & Andy Cummins 4th Eng at the top of the Empire State Building.

"Top of the World Ma"

Eric Smith 3rd Mate, Joe Dunn Sparky, Stan Bowie Ch Elec, Oct 1960.
John Dunn(Sparky) & Mike Smith(3rd mate), 1960
Margaret Bowater arriving Corner Brook winter 1960.
Andy Cummin, 4th Engineer
L to R:Colin Bernie-Coulson 2nd Eng, Dave Hambley 2nd Elec, Ron Wemyss 3rd Eng, Stan Bowie Ch Elec, Mike Guy 2nd Mate & Joe Dunn Radio Officer.
L to R:Ron Wemyss 3rd Eng, Andy Cummins 4th Eng, Mike Guy 2nd Mate, Stan Bowie Ch Elec & Gerry Keenan 2nd Steward.
Left,Barry Antrichan 5th Eng, Corner Brook, Nicolas Bowater in the background.

Above, Dave Hambley 2nd Elec

Stan Bowie Ch Elec & Dave Hambley 2nd Elec
Shipping em green in the North Atlantic Winter 1960 on the Nicolas Bowater.
Above, Just another rough day in the Atlantic, Nicolas Bowater winter 1961.

Right, Rough weatherN Atlantic, Nicolas Bowater winter 60/61.

Mike Guy 2nd Mate, Stan Bowie Ch Elec, Tom Hilton Ch Eng, Ray Vaugn 1st Mate
L to R Back Row:Joe Dunn RO, Dave Hambley 2nd Elec, Andy Cummin 4th Eng, Ron Wemyss 3rd Eng, Stan Bowie Ch Elec, Mike Guy 2nd Mate. Front Row:Ray Vaugn 1st Mate, Barry Antrichan 5th Eng.
L to R: Ron Wemyss 3rd Eng, Mike Guy 2nd Mate, Stan Bowie Ch Elec, Colin Bennie-Coulson 2nd Eng, Barry Antrichan 5th Eng, Gerry Keenan 2nd Steward
One of the company ships coming in through the ice. Not sure which one.
Above, Colin(Angus)Campbell 4th Eng.

Right,Harry Hall(2nd Elec) & Jimmy Wilson(Ch Elec).

Geoff Bray & Nicolas Bowater, (not sure where it was taken).
Geoff Bray 5th Eng & Clive Knowles Deck Cadet.
Below, Harry Hall 2nd Elec.

Above, Harry Hall & Barry Antrichan.

(when Harry meet Barry)!

Jimmy Wilson (Wide eyed and legless).
Nicolas Bowater in New York.
George Graham & Sparky(Sadly I have forgotten his name).Circa 1961
Below, Les Sharp 2nd Eng.

Above, George Graham 2nd Mate.

I Think this is George Graham and "Pancho" the 5th Engineer. Nicolas Bowater
Paper being loaded onto Nicolas Bowater.
s.s Nicolas Bowater in NY, I think its the Hudson River berth if I had the photo processed in time!We used the Hudson River from Corner Brook in the winter and the East River from Liverpool NS in the summer
I am sure you will agree that, that is an excellent and nostalgic collection of photographs. A big thanks to Barry.
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