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Clan Maclennan
Alex Duncan
Clan Maclennan, the second Clan Liner to take this name was launched in September ,1947. She was one of six ships built to this postwar design. Her life spanned 24 years in which time she couple of incidents occured. December 1961 approaching Beira she collided with the British Tanker Co, tanker British Defender. Both ships entered Beira for repairs. November 1966, she collided with another tanker British Crusader, this time in the Thames Estuary. She went to Smiths at South Sheilds for repair.
Clan Maclennan, June 1969 from the Rene Beauchamp Collection
Mike Lennon Collection
She finally went to the breakers in 1971, docking up in Shanghai in September of that year.

My Dad sailed on this ship as 2nd Mate for two Home Trade trips, joining the ship on 7th September 1964 until 22nd September, then resiging articles from 23rd September until 6th October 1964. The masters were Capt. Ross and Capt. Thomas.

Clan Maclennan seen on the Mersey, 30th June 1956.Louis Maloney.
Amongst my collection of shipping memorabilia I have a bulkhead clock which was taken of the Clan Maclennan
It was "rescued from the breakers yard" by Purser /Chief Steward Leonard Bailey who sailed with Clan Line between 1953-1971.
Clan Maclennan at the London Docks c1960,from the Mike MacDonald Collection.
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