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Bowater Postcards
m.s Gladys Bowater at the Snell lock, St.Lawrence Seaway.

My Dad sent my brother and I this postcard whilst he was serving onboard the ship in 1969. It has been suggested that Gladys Bowater was on her maiden voyage at the time the picture was taken as she has no permanant fenders welded to her hull and not much paint on her from the builders if the rust streaking is anything to go by.

Above:A postcard featuring Gladys and Phyllis Bowater from a photograph by Robert Walton.

Left:Two postcards featuring the Liverpool Packet. The postcards were produced to show the extremes of the tide at Windsor, Nova Scotia.

The postcard to the right shows three images from the St. Lawrence Seaway at Massena, NY. The notation on the back says:

"Canada and United States set an example for the entire world by working in harmony to develop St. Lawrence Navigaation and open the heartland on North American continent to ocean going shipping."

As can be seen the upper left picture is m.s Gladys Bowater at the Snell Lock. The other frieghter is m.s Volumnia but I could not find any furthur information about her.

Head of Bay of Islands, and views of pulpwood holding booms- Bowater`s newsprint mills, Corner Brook, Newfoundland.
This postcard was postally used and dates from 1940.
Nice view of the mill with one of the motorships berthed.
A fine ariel view of the Corner Brook mill, with one of the motorships berthed.
Bowater mill at Brooklyn, Nova Scotia.
Another view of the Brooklyn mill.
White Point beach, Liverpool, Nova Scotia
White Point beach, Liverpool, Nova Scotia
This is a double-sided souvenir postcard showing many scenes from the St.Lawrence Seaway including m.s Gladys Bowater at the Snell lock(again!!!).
All the above postcards are what I have collected over the years. The postcards below are what I have been sent via e-mail or found on the internet.
Corner Brook, 1962