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Modelling the m.s Constance Bowater

Apart from putting this website together another great passion of mine is ship modelling. I have made a few including a 1950`s steam collier s.s Hudson Sound and I am currently building a single hatch coaster T.S.M.V Arran Mail.

Some years ago in a modelling magazine "Marine Modelling" and article was published by Mr F.W Smith about the building of his model of the m.s Constance Bowater. I decided to try and contact Mr. Smith, so a short note to the Editor of the magazine secured an address in Swansea, South Wales.

I wrote to Mr. Smith in 1998 and an eight year friendship(so far) began. Fred worked on the railways in and around the Swansea docks and on a number of occasions saw ships from the Bowater fleet in the drydocks. Fred was impressed withthe look and livery of the ships and thought he would try and build a model of one. A set of plans were purchased from the shipyard and off he went. Fred made three models and gave two away to raise funds for a local charity the other one was given to an associate who lived in Germany.

Unfortunately Freds wife became ill and so the modelling had to be put to one side while he looked after her.

When I wrote to Fred in 1998 his wife had passed away three years previously. After a few letters between us he informed me that he was going to start to build another Bowater model, since then he has built two as well as some other boats and ships. Fred is a true table-top modeller and builds the models hulls using the "Bread and Butter" method, and purchases very few commercial made fittings. I have visited Fred on a few occasions and we have have attended the Swansea Modelling Festival together.

Here is his aricle and a few photographs of one of his models:

Fred and I at Swansea Marina where the Marine Modeling Festival was held April 2002.
Here is one of Freds models. This is the one he was working on the first time I went to Swansea to visit him. As can be seen it is not complete but has since been finished. He named this one Constance Bowater and has also completed a model of Nina Bowater. Not bad for an old fella eh! Considering that the hull has to be carved to that shape and most of the fittings are made from scrap wood and dowel, and all on the kitchen worktop. Well done Fred!
If you would like to read the magazine article in full click on it to view a larger version. If you would like to have your own copy or a copy of Freds plan of Constance Bowater "Click Here" this will take you to the "Model Boats" website you need to order Plan 2261 and the June 1989 issue of the magazine
Another one of Freds models, this time the Nina Bowater. This is kitchen worktop modelling at it`s best.
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