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m.s Norskald visit Esjberg 2003

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Ian McKendrick Photogragh Collection Pt2
Constance Bowater waiting for her turn in Lock 1 Welland Canal.Summer 1966
Loading Newsprint onto Constance Bowater, thought to be CornerBrook. January 1966.
Constance Bowater waiting her turn to enter Beauharnois Lock, St Lawrence Seaway. Season 1966.
In Beauharnois Lock.
Bosun Reg Luck, Constance Bowater. Season 1966.
AB`s Adam Maclean & DJ Maclean, Constance Bowater, Great Lakes, Season 1966.
s.s Nicolas Bowater in the Humber Arm,Newfoundland November 1966.
Humber Arm as seen from CornerBrook. s.s Nicolas Bowater outbound.
3rd Mate Ian McKendrick and Bosun Reg Luck.Great Lakes Season 1966.
Jinx, ships cat, Constance Bowater. Season 1966.
Loading newsprint for Great Lakes ports. Constance Bowater. Season 1966.
Loading tanks for CornerBrook at Montreal. Note damage to bridge front. Season 1966.
Bay of Islands, September 1966.
Constance Bowater waiting her turn to at Lock 3, Welland Canal. Season 1966.
3rd Mate Ian McKendrick, Constance Bowater 1966.
A big thanks to Ian for sending me these photographs.