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m.v Pholas

Courtesy of Ken Williams

Ken Williams was a young EDH back in the early 1980`s and had several memorable trips on the m.v Pholas. Ken was kind enough to send me some photogrphs he took while on these trips.
Stage over the side. The ship is bright and shiny and on her anchors. Drilling off Port Huereme, Ventura, California 1981
Bridge 1981. Not much change from her Bowater days. Ken stood behind that wheel in Suez, Panama & Bombay with Captains Scott, Baldwin & Robinson shouting orders at him!
Bridge behind wheel. Computer room to left for Dynamic Positioning. Radio shack to rear right.
Steve Burns, Seaman 2nd Grade on the heli-deck, Panama Canal.Ready for fresh water, California bound. October 1981.
From left to right Steward John Reece, Ken Williams EDH and Bosun Jimmy Limnagan(God bless his sole).Just feed the mules at Gatum Locks! Panama, early October 1981.Background shows port steps to heli-deck.
Jimmy the Bosun, Gatum Locks October 1981.
Auxilary engineroom sky-lights between mid-ships accom and poop deck, all painted up for strict U.S Coastguard regulations.NB, top left, incinerator installed to burn off rubbish, rumour was that the Coastgaurd could spot a cigerette butt from air and fines were hefty also note original lifeboats.Mid October 1981. Tommy Doyle, motorman and John Reece, steward, Gulf of Mexico Nov 1981
John Kernigan Cadet under heli-deck.
A.B John McGuiness(bless his sole) scrubbing his cabin carpets on engine skylight deck next to spare bruce anchor. September 1982.
Force 8 at Newfoundland(steady as a rock).Ports of call Halifax and ST Johns, completing work of Ocean Ranger. November 1982.
View looking forward from drill tower. Grand Banks 1982
View from drill tower, No1 & No2 hatch ful of drill tube.
View aft from drill tower. Grand Banks 1982.

NB. Moon pool plate ism on the middle of the heli-deck, it was resecured for long journeys as due to water washing it effected the speed of the vessel. A great swimming pool, just watch out for the sea snakes!!

Ken Williams aged 20, chipping and scraping on the poop deck. Lower half of Colin Grey, cadet, in Norweign sector, Statoil 1983.
Work-by. South Sheils April 1985.
Taken in Liverpool about 1995, 10 years after Ken had served on her.
Ken also sent me a list recorded from his discharge book of the trips he sailed on the Pholas.
Joined Left

11/9/1981 15/12/1981

Govan Port Hueneme California

11/5/1982 28/7/1982

Bergen Hull

23/7/1982 2/8/1982

Hull Hull

6/9/1982 27/9/1982

Hull Greenock

28/9/1982 9/11/1982

Greenock Halifax Nova Scotia

30/12/1982 14/1/1983

Hull Hull

31/1/1983n 11/6/1983

Hull -India- Tyne

Joined Left

29/8/1983 21/10/1983

Invergordon Bergen

27/12/1983 31/12/1983

Hull Hull

7/2/1984 14/2/1984

Hull Hull

20/2/1984 27/3/1984

Hull Tyne

20/2/1985 28/3/1985

Suez Tyne

29/3/1985 11/5/1985

Tyne Tyne

Thanks Ken for the loan of these excellent photographs, very much appreciated.