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m.s Norskald visit Esjberg 2003

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The Photogragh Collections
I have been extremely fortunate with the generosity of a number of ex-Bowater crew members who have inhanced the website with the amazing photographs they have taken when they were at sea with Bowaters and on the m.v Pholas.
Tom Kearsey has been one of the main contributors to the website, he has a vast collection of slides that he took whilst at sea. Tom started his sea going days as a cadet with Bowaters and sailed on most of there ships. He is working on an essay about cargo handling which I am sure will include more of his photographs. Thanks Tom.
Bob Mackenzie was a steward on a number of Bowaters ships. A young lad from Liverpool on an adventure, he has taken some excellent photoographs including some of the Queens visit to Corner Brook. Thanks Bob
Barry Antrichan has sent me quite a few pictures as well as some crewlists. Thanks Barry.
Mike Corden, served his apprentice ship with Bowaters. Once he left the sea he joined the police force and then started his own transport business. I meet Mike at the Dartford Tunnel where he handed over his collection of slides for us to look at. Thanks Mike
Mike Cottons collection of photographs taken on his first deep see trip as an engineer officer onboard the Nina Bowater 1967/68.Thanks Mike.
Bill Barr immigrated to the USA and has sent me a number of photoigraphs from his collection.Thanks Bill
Joe Walsh was a young man from Ireland when he went to sea with Bowaters. Thanks Joe.
Tony Thompson was one of the first B&C officers to sale on a Bowater vessel. Here are some of his photographs also read "Passage on a Paper Boat" via the Nicolas Bowater page. Thanks Tony.
John Barton
Ken Williams was a 16 year old E.D.H onboard the m.v Pholas ex-Elizabeth Bowater between 1981-86. He sailed all over the world on her Bombay,Panama and her old stompng ground Newfoundland.Some great photographs.Thanks Ken.
Ian McKendrick was the 3rd Mate onbooard m.s Constance Bowater during the 1966 season and has sent me soome great photographs that he took during that time. Thanks Ian
Capt Basil Biggs wife Brigette contacted me in March 2012. She very kindly lent me her photograph album which has many photographs taken during Basils Carrer at sea. Thanks Brigette.