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Joe Walsh

Here is a collection of photographs sent to me by Joe Walsh. Joe alsosent me a letter and I am sure the words ring true with many of you.

"I joined the Alice Bowater in Northfleet on the 30-10-1963 and I can honestly say I felt at home as soon as I signed on. The crew were mainly from the Isle of Bara and the Bosun was a gentleman. He really knew how to get the best out of people. Our first port of call was Risor and back to Ellesmere after that, it was the usual Bowater ports up the Baltic. Eventually we went out to the States, Corner brook being our "home" port, Liverpool N.S was another "home" port. The trips up the Great Lakes were fabulous and runs down the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S were out of this world, as far down as Miami and round the corner to the Gulf and on up to New Orleans etc. What more can I say "What Memories".

I have added the notes to the photographs as Joe has writen them.

Thanks Joe.

Unloading at Alexandria outside of Washington D.C.
One of the mates. He had his own sailing boat and I used to crew for him. This photo was taken on the Potomac as the ship was being unloaded.
Cleaning down the funnel.
Three of the deck crew.
The Bosun, I think his name was Dougie McDougal
Relaxing on the poop deck. We often had a sing song there of an evening.
Danny and the 2nd Cook plus a couple of the deck hands "Ripping it Up"!!
President Kennedys grave, not long after he was buried. We shared a common ancestry as his ancestors come from Wexford, Ireland where I was born and still live.
Heading into Miami.
New York. Deck hand from the Isle of Bara, sorry can`t remember his name.
Cook Danny? from Liverpool, Bosun centre and deck hand both from the Isle of Barra.
Christmas in Corner Brook. The guy in the yellow hat is me.
Celebrating my 21st. Cutting the cake which Danny made for me, whih waas stuffef with old underpants and socks and covered with icing. I think the young steward is a lad called Mick Deering.
Myself and another deck hand, I think he was from Malta and his nickname was "Teaser".
Sarah outward bound.
Homeward bound from Corner Brook

A great collection Joe.

Thank you