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Model Page
Apart from anything to do with the Bowater Steamship Co my other passion is model boats. Over the years I have made a few, some static but mainly radio controlled. Obviously as the website is dedicated to all things Bowater that is what I am going to concentrate on but I would like to add some pictures of my efforts along the way.
For an example here is a model of the s.s Hudson Sound, built in 1950 at Ailsa Sipbuilding Co, Troon for the Hudson Steamship Co. She is built from a kit manufactured by Deansmarine and was originally radio controlled. I have since decommissioned her and she now lives in a perspect fronted box in my study.
I have been in touch with a fellow modeller in Australia who is building a model of Constance Bowater. He has been kind enough to send me progress photographs of his build they are well worth a look, Click Here to view.
Excellent funnel detail on Shane Doyles m.s Constance Bowater.
The model on the left was built by a friend of mine Fred Smith. Unfortunately Fred crossed the bar a few years ago now. I am very lucky that I inherited this model thanks to his daughter. Fred was your original kitchen worktop modeller and to read more about him and his models Click Here.
M.S Nina Bowater sitting on Fred kitchen workstop
This excellent model of the m.s Elizabeth Bowater was scratch built by Jerry Scott, Jerry is a very keen modeller and had first hand knowledge of this ship as he was a steward onboard her in the early 1960`s, Click Here for more photographs of her.
This model was built by Capt. Basil Biggs when he was serving as master on her. I was contacted by his wife Brigette in March 2012 and asked if I would like to look after the model for her. I would like to think that the paint on the model came from the ships paint locker. Click Here to see some more photographs.
More Models!
A fine model of the Constance Bowater although for the keen eyed amongst you, you will notice errors in her construction such as the ladders leading to the cargo winch platform immediately infront of the deckhouse. This model is amongst a collection at the Muckleburgh Military Museum.A very worthwhile day out if you are ever in the Cromer area of Suffolk.
m.s Constance Bowater modelled by Mr F. Tomkinson
m.s Elizabeth Bowater by Jim Fawcett
Jim Fawcett was an excellent modeller, he made a fibreglass moulding of a Bowater motor ship as well as numerous fittings such as the winches, topping lifts, lifeboats etc. I am fortunate to have one of his hulls in my loft awaiting my attention. Jim also lent me his set of general arrangment drawings which I have copied several times for modellers and ex-crewmembers alike.