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Have you ever wondered what those beautiful Bowater ships looked like once they were sold out of the fleet? Well get the hankies ready, here are some excellent pictures for you to view. I haven`t put them in any particular order and many of them can be seen on the individual ships pages.
From Harold Appleyard

I had been browsing an excellent shipping website "Riversea" and on viewing some of the excellent photographs I came across the picture below. As I always try and do I contacted the webmaster to seek the photographers permission to use his photographs on the Bowater website. The photographer, Harold Appleyard contacted me and gave me permission which I was very grateful for ,he also told me that he had and was willing to lend me several slides that he has of the Bowater ships after they were sold out of the fleet. Here they are after I have had them transferred onto CD. Thanks very much Harold.

The motorship Alexandra ex-Gladys Bowater photographed by Harold whilst on holiday in Piraeus 1984.In 1977 the ship had a servere fire onboard which gutted the accommodation she was deemed a constructive total loss but amazingly was rebuilt and put back to sea.
In this view of the ship the name "Gladys Bowater" can clearly be seen on the bow.
What have they done to her! This is the motorship Kretan Spirit ex-Constance Bowater, discharging at Hartlepool in 1974.How quickly that beautiful green and cream paintwork can fall into disrepair once it has fallen into foreign flag ownership!
Bowater house flag still visible on bow.
m.v Wimpey Sealab seen sailing past South Shields as she leaves the Tyne in 1975.
Still carrying some of her original cargo handling equipment. She looks a far cry from the ship I crawled over in Esjberg in January 2003.
The "Sealab" at Hartlepool, note that aft anchor hawse pipe has been covered over.
Aft anchor hawsepipe has gone completely now in this view of the m.v Pholas.
m.v Pholas ex-Wimpey Sealab, ex-Elizabeth Bowater photographed at Hull in 1991, cargo gear all gone,hawse pipe plated over later type of lifeboat but you can still see she was a Bowater ship.
Thanks again Harold, fantastic.
To the left is Aginor ex-Gladys Bowater moored in Eleusis, Greece. Fire damage in her accommodation can clearly be seen. Above is the m.v Charlotte ex-Phyllis Bowater.
Four excellent photographs from Ray Perrys collection. Above is the George F ex-Alice Bowater, she was the only Bowater vessel to end her days in tragedy when after an engineroom explosion she caught fire off the coast of Africa in April 1982.It was however not until 1984 before she was broken up at Bizerta. Below is the Kretan Glory ex-Nina Bowater.
m.v Prometheus V ex-Nina Bowater
A great photograph of the motorship Naz-K ex Phyllis Bowater The Turkish owned NAZ.K is seen underway in the West Float, Birkenhead, on 20th October 1988, having fully discharged in the Port of Liverpool a cargo of animal feedstuffs from India. Courtesy of the Malcolm Cranfield Collection.
This picture is also of the Naz-K, The photograph was taken in the office of the ships owners Kalkavan Denicilik ve Ticaret.By the looks of the ships condition it was probably taken when they first purchased her.
A final picture of Naz-K laid up in a backwater somewhere near Istanbul, Turkey
Quebec, seen on one of her Bowater stoping grounds, the St.Lawrence Seaway. Courtesy of Skip Gilham Collection.
Three photographs of the Liverpool Packet once she had been sold out of Bowaters ownership. Left and middle show her as Westport,right hand picture shows her as Athos.
Kretan Glory ex-Nina Bowater in foreign waters, Santandar, July 8th 1978.
This was the end of Alice Bowater, as the George-F she had a serious engineroom explosion and fire. She was towed into a lay-by berth in Sfax Tunisia 1982. Sometime later she was towed away to be scrapped in Bizerta. Courtesy of Willie Mackay.