With this page I decided to include the decks on the accomodation block as well as the cabins and galley, so I started on the wheelhouse roof and worked my way down. The best thing of all for me was seeing the Bowater Houseflag still on the funnel.
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m.s Norskald visit Esjberg 2003

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When I climbed up onto the Wheelhouse roof and saw the Bowater logo on the funnel it made all the effort of going to Denmark worthwhile.
DF Radio Loop
Radar mounting still intact
Portside bridge door
View looking forward from the bridge roof
Starboard side bridge door
Dad taking a bearing!
Portside compass
Once I had finished on the bridge roof we moved into the bridge. This had been changed beyond recognition from her Bowater days, but there were still a few original fixtures to be seen. The engine telegraphs had been stolen of the ship while she was onroute from Norway. However Morten has managed to get one of them back.
Modern bridge console
Considering the ship had been laid-up for four years it was very tidy on the bridge
Navigation area, all the charts were still in the draws
In the flag locker I found the last "Red Duster" that flew on this ship.
Clear view window,how many of you have looked through this on a rough night acros the atlantic!
Engine rev counter
Info plate, came home with me
I had to wait until my second visit to Esjberg to access the Captains cabin. The wood venners on the wall were all in excellent condition, this must have cost a small fortune when the ship was first built. All the other cabins on the Boat Deck were open although there was an awful lot of junk left in them.
Even the furniture looks like it date from the 1950`s
Captains Dayroom
Drinks cabinet on the right is where I found some Bowater china.
You could imagine Capt. Campbell or Capt Chalmers sitting here.
Captains En-Suite Bathroom
Captains bedroom
Another photograph showing the craftsmanship of the people who fitted this room out
One of the two owners/guest suites these had been modifed ever so slightly but retained there original furniture.
Top bunks could be stowed if not being used
Starboard side suite
The next deck down is the Bridge Deck here I found the Deck and Engineer Officers quarters and most importantly to me my Dads cabin(2nd Mates) also the cadets quarters and the Engineers changing room which had access to the engineroom itself.
Corridor looking fore and aft on the Portside of the Officers(Deck) accomodation note the door that would have lead into the Officers SmokeRoom.
Here I found a file containg many Lloyds Register certificates
Chief Engineering Officers cabin
This cabin was as big as the Captains cabin and also contained DayRoom, Bedroom and En-Suite Bathroom all in very good condition considering the age of the ship. A real credit to the British Shipbuliding industry.
Chief Engineer Bunk
Sleepng Quarters
I worked my way down the passage way to the 1st mates cabin, here I found a box full of shipyard drawing one being stamped and dated 1958, there were other drawings showing central heating systems, fire fighting, shell plate expansion and also drawings of the ship through her various refits, I was lucky enough to be allowed to bring those home with me. The 2nd Mates and 3rd Mates cabin are the same so I have just included photographs of the 2nd mates cabin as this is the one my Dad occupied in 1965.
The 2nd mates cabin, just as it was when my Dad sailed on the ship. One of my biggest regrets from this trip is that i didn`t bring the chest of draws below home.
Finally I made it down to the upper deck here I found the Chief Stewards cabin, cooks and steward quarters, Chief cooks cabin, galley and pantry. Nothing much had changed by the looks of things, even the originla GEC oven was still in place!
Area of the accommodation where the doors to the left lead to Chief Stewards, Chief Cook and Officers diningromm
Passage way, stewards cabins to the right galley to the left
Chief Stewards cabin
One of the stewards cabins
This room was originally the Officers dining room
Crews cafateria I think this has been alterd from the original build but not that much
Ships galley, not much change here, even the originl GEC oven is still in place
One of the storerooms under the galley
Here are a few picture of the BoatDeck just outside the Officers cabins, I must admit I forgot to put them on the page when I was covering the BoatDeck
Stairs leading down to the coldroom and stores
The BoatDeck Portside the Oregan pine deck although dirty were in very good condition the accommodation gangway winch can also be seen
Starboard (Engineers) side BoatDeck
Elizabeth Bowater
Final visit and departure to Latvia
One of the Teak entrance doors on the accommodation