Most of these photograph were taken on my second visit to Denmark. When I got to the ship I decided to start at the bow and work my way aft.................
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m.s Elizabeth Bowater

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When they were sold

m.s Norskald visit Esjberg 2003

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On the foc`sle can be seen roller fairleads, breakwater,bollards and the anchor windlass. Some of the 14" bollards had been removed during her many refits. The anchors had also been removed and placed on the foredeck.
Clarke Chapman windlass. I tried the brake handles for the drums and they worked like new
Builders plate is dated 1957. I tred to remove this but it wouldn`t let go!
Windlass Control
Bollard and Seaway Fairlead
Paint Store in Lamp room/Contactor room area
Port side Foc`sle bulkhead
What would have been the Carpenters shop
Hawser pipes
Photograph looking forward onto foc`sle deck
No1 Hatchcover had been weld together and the hold used for holding soil samples etc
No1 Hatch coamings as original
The winch platform had been extended to make a store room, crane and anchor from her survey days
Ships anchors looking a bit out of place on the deck
Laboratories installed around No1 hold there was also acess to the hold from here
Underside of No1 Hatchcover
No1 Hold
No2 hold. Quite a bit of unusual machinary down here.
Above is what used to be the winch platform between holds one and two. To the left is the doorway to the stairs that lead to the bottom of No2 Hold.
Note that everything was just built up on top of the hatch coamings and covers.
Looking aft to accommadation
I didn`t fancy climbing up there!
Drilling deck
Moonpool, I didn`t go down there either
Portside Alleway looking forward
Portside Alleyway looking aft
The structure on the left is built over No4 hold and was an alleyway between the main accommadation and the aft accommadation
Aft accommadation/poop deck
The warping winch, I have the builders plate
Aft fairleads
Again structure built over No4 hold this was air uptakes for second engineroom
Starboard side alley
Shore power generator
Two views of the drill rig and main accommodation housing taken from the poop deck
Fuel switches and watertight door wheel
Fuel cut off switches
Wheel for engine skylight
Funnel, note Bowater houseflag
Door on side of funnel
Two more views of aft accommodation
Uptakes behind funnel door
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Final visit and departure to Latvia
Elizabeth Bowater
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