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m.v Pholas
m.v Pholas departing King George Dock Hull 9th February 1986 Courtesy of Patrick Hill.
M.V Pholas at Alexandra Dock Hull 15th February 1992 Courtesy of Patrick Hill
In 1980 Wimpey Sealab was sold to Coe Metcalf shipping, Liverpool and renamed Pholas. She was described as a research /soil sampling vessel and continued with her deepwater work.

I have managed to contact one ex-crew member of this ship , his name is Joe Earl and he was a Master on her. He told me that he joined the ship in June 1980 at Hull. They steamed about five miles off the coast of Sunderland were they carried out some core work looking for coal. The weather was exceptionally bad and they had to cease drilling on several occasions. Joe left the ship in October when she was sent to Leith to be laid up.

Crew contacted
Joe Earl

Tom Lomas

Darren Marsh

kenny Williams

Andy Nesbit

Tony Tate

Ade Warby


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m.v Pholas at King George Dock 22nd May 1986 Courtesy Patrick Hill
This is a young Kenny Williams, "click" on his image to see a great collection of photographs from when he was onboard the ship.
m.v Pholas, photographed post 1986 note that the forward sampson posts have been removed and also the helipad. Courtsey of Malcolm Cranfield
Pholas seen at Amsterdam, Holland in 1987, photographed by Pieter Inpijn
A series of photographs of Pholas I think at Greenock . I have to admit to taking of the internet, so I don`t know who to credit them to. If the photographer would like to contact me I would more than happy to credit them to him/her.