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m.s Norskald visit Esjberg 2003

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Capt T. Kearsey Collection
Tom Kearsey has been an immense help to me in putting this website together. He has sent me an enormous amount of information on the Bowater ships which I have been able to use to try and make the site an interesting read. Fortunately for all of us Tom appears to have been a keen photographer during is seatime career and has a large collection of slide photographs that he is now allowing to me to use. I will update the page as and when Tom has time to send me more pictures. Until then thank you Tom.
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Part 2 Welland Canal
Here are some more of Tom Kearsey`s excellent photographs.May 2008.

The Welland Canal links Lake Ontario with Lake Erie, the canal is about 25 miles long and lifts or lowers ships a total of 326.5 feet across the Niagara Escarpment. There are seven lift locks which raise or lower ships an average of 46.5 feet each and there is one guard lock at the top end which only raises or lowers ships one to four feet depending on lake levels. The locks are 766 feet long and 80 feet wide. Each lock takes about 11 minutes to fill or empty and each lock can handle about 23 movements per day. The average transit time (quickest normal time) is eleven hours. On a busy day it could take 24 hours with some 32 ship moorings or shifting along the lay-bys.

Part 3 Humour!
These are not from the Great Lakes but odd (humorous) things from the Bowater Days.Tom
Part 4 The Potomac River
Part 5 New York,New York
Part 6 Sunsets
Sunset pictures taken mainly off the coast of Nova Scotia out of Liverpool. The normal sailing time was about 6 pm so the 8 to 12 watch had an evening of these views in the summer, IF it was not thick fog!
Part 7 Ships Drawings & Profiles
Drawings and plans of the ships. Unfortunately I never half hitched a copy of the steam queens drawings & never made it to the Nicolas.
Thanks again Tom, we are all waiting in anticapation for your next installment.Ian