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m.v Tantallon Castle
Alex Duncan
Tantallon Castle was the final ship my Dad sailed on before he "swallowed the anchor". He joined the ship in Genoa on the 9th April 1970 as 2nd Mate, the trip lasted just over three months and ended in Lisbon.

Tantallon Castle was another one of those ships that went through her life without major incident. Built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast in 1954,she was 7,448 grt with demensions of 477.2x65.1x27.8 an 8 cylinder Burmeister & Wain oil engine was fitted to give a speed of 16 knts.

By 1963 she had stopped carrying passengers. 1971 saw her sold out of the Union Castle fleet to Pateras Bros Ltd, Piraeus and renamed Aris II, 1972 she was renamed Aris and by 1978 she was on her way to the breakers yard in Aioi, Japan.
Courtesy of John&Marion Clarkson
Tantallon Castle seen in Cape Town. One of the few pictures that my Dad purchased whilst he was at sea.
Courtesy of John&Marion Clarkson
Courtesy of VHYoung & LASawyer
Brian Spiller has come up trumps again with a selection of photographs that he took of the Tantallon Castle, whilst sailing on her.Thanks Brian
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Brian was a deck officer with B&C, as was his father who joined Clan Line in 1928 and ultimately was a master with them. Brian now runs a guesthouse in Cornwall where he has a fantastic view of Tintagel Castle, the namesake of his favourite ship. If you would like to contact Brian about his time with B&C or book a room at his guesthouse for a couple of nights his e-mail address is .
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