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m.s Roxburgh Castle
Alex Duncan
This was the second ship to take the name, Roxburgh Castle, the first one being sunk in the North Atlantic in February 1943. She was launched in October 1941 as a second generation "R" class fully refrigerated fruit ship.She went about her business without fuss until 1971 when she was sold to the China National Machinary Import & Export Corporation.

My Dad only spent a short time on this ship, joining her as 2nd Mate in Cardiff 25th September 1968 for a "Home Trade" voyage which ended in South Sheilds on the 5th October.

A nice colour shot of Roxburgh Castle.Rene Beauchamp Collection.
Courtesy of V.H Young & L.A Sawyer
Courtesy of John&Marion Clarkson
I have been fortunate enough to contact Brian Spiller via the merchant- website. Brian sailed with British & Commonwealth as a deck officer as did his Father, who joined Clan Line in 1923. Brian has taken some excellent photographs of the ships he sailed on and I am very pleased and grateful that he has allowed me to use some of those photographs on my website.
m.s Roxburgh Castle.
Unsual view looking aft.
Excellent photograph of the wheelhouse.
Roxburgh Castle making her way through a swell.
Roxburgh Castle moored and awaiting her next cargo.
The handsome deck officer, Brian Spiller
A big thank you to Brian for those excellent pictures. As a matter of interest, Brian has a guest house in Cornwall, where he has a view of Tintagel Castle, which was also his favourite ship. If you would like to contact him about his time with B&C or would like to book a room for a couple of nights his e-mail is:
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