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m.s Phyllis Bowater
m.s Phyllis Bowater seen on the St Lawrence Seaway.
The Phyllis Bowater was thought to be the last of the motorships. Named after Sir Noel Bowaters daughter she was launched at Dennys of Dumbarton, Leven shipyard on the 17th November 1959. The naming ceremony was carried out by Miss Sarah Bowater, daughter of Sir Eric Bowater. This was Miss Sarah Bowaters second launch at the Dumbarton yard where she named the Nicolas Bowater in February of the previous year.
The ships principal dimensions were 325 x 50 x 30 with a deadweight tonnage of 5,450 tons. She was fitted with a Sulzer type 6SD60 which could produce 2,700 bhp at 135rpm, this gave her a loaded speed of 12knts. Again she was built to Lloyd`s highest standards with an ice strengthened hull and specially equipped for navigation in the St.Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes in Canada and the U.S.A, this inlclude the Pleuger"Activ" rudder.

Phyllis Bowater had an extended career, after being sold out of the Bowater fleet she became Charlotte, Malero M.I and finally Naz-K before going to the breakers in Alang, arriving 19th February, 2001.

m.s Phyllis Bowater arriving at Coorner Brook for the first time, August 1960. She oaded 3,400tons of newsprint for Clleveland and Detroit."Bowater World"magazine.
m.s Phyllis Bowater departing the tyne looking very spick and span after a refit, 1966. Courtesy of Ken Smith.
November 12th 1966 saw the Phyllis Bowater along with an American frighter the s.s Atlantic on a search and rescue mission, looking for the missing crew members of a U.S.A.F EC-121H radar constellation which crashed and exploded 125 miles east of Nantucket. Unfortunately all 19 members of the aircraft crew were lost. A google search will give you the full write up on this tragic incident.
On the St.Lawrence Seaway, July 1967. Courtesy of Rene Beachamp.
Crew Contacted
Fred Eades

Chris Walford

Radio Officer

Deck Apprentice



Phyllis Bowater passing Gladys on the seaway.Postcard picture by Robert Walton
Phyllis Bowater seen arriving at Corner Brook. Courtesy of Capt.Tom Kearsey
Charlotte ex-Phyllis Bowater
Naz-K ex-Charlotte,Phyllis Bowater
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